Company of New France

Company of New France
(Compagnie des Cent-Associés)
   Established, 1627, by Cardinal Richelieu, on the advice of Isaac de Razilly. A monopoly of fifteen years was granted, with full ownership of the entire valley of the St. Lawrence, in return for which the Company was to take out three hundred colonists every year up to 1643. No serious effort was made to carry out this obligation, although the Company continued to enjoy its monopoly until 1663.
   Index: L Resigns its charter, 41; renders assistance to missions, 50; succeeded by the West India Company, 145. Ch Established, 169; list of directors, 170; documents relating to, 171; sends out four vessels, 172; equips ships to retake Quebec, 213; terms of grant to, 222; bears expense of Jesuit mission stations, 228; sincerely interested in conversion of savages and progress of colonization, 244; special committee for its financial affairs, 244; appoints Champlain governor, 244. F Created by Cardinal Richelieu, 19; colonists sent out by, 28; cedes some of its rights to colonists, 36; new arrangement works badly, 37; surrenders all its powers to the king, 1663, 49; its failure to fulfil its engagements, 55. E Creates seigniories, 175.
   Bib.: Biggar, Early Trading Companies of New France; Parkman, Pioneers of France.

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